Thursday, August 20, 2015

Special DRM transmissions for HFCC Australia


Date : 24th to 28th Aug 2015 (Monday to Friday)
Time : 0630-0730 UTC (1630-1730 Local Time)
Power : 90 kW
Language : English
Frequency : 15450 kHz
Towards Australia

"Hi Everyone, Here is some good news for the DRM DXers in the ANZ area.  We will be demonstrating a DRM content server with AAC and xHE-AAC encoders during broadcasts beamed toward eastern Australia, NZ, and some of the South Pacific.  This will be at 0630-0730UTC on Sunday through Thursday next week in conjunction with the HFCC meeting in Brisbane.  We will be running 90KW into a 2x2 curtain, so the beam will be quite wide.  The backlobe in Japan could be usable. Mike"


Date : 24th to 28th Aug 2015 (Monday to Friday)
Time : 2151-2355 UTC
Frequency : 17675 kHz

Your administrator is anxious to hear reports about the KTWR xHE-AAC transmissions. PLEASE (someone!) make nice WAV file recordings for me! I'll interview you about the experience and gladly post samples here!

From various sources via DRMNA Yahoo Group