Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DRM car radio in India

Watch this videoI want one!

I hear a little drop-out, but the audio is nice and the display is clean and simple for a dashboard. I have no details about the unit or specs yet, but will post some when I have them.

Looks like Ruxandra (DRM Consortium Chair) is the passenger. From what I can tell, this was taken recently at BES (early February 2016) in New Delhi.

Here is to hoping India's roll-out has the ability to break-free the hardware situation for DRM.

UPDATE: 20160223 - DRMNA reader Oliver in Brittany, France writes:

"If it may help, the car with the integrated DRM receiver is the new TUV300 from MAHINDRA
launched september-october 2015 (with AM/FM only for the moment).

Sorry, don't know which is the unit manufacturer (Panasonic ? as they work close with NXP on the SAF360x chip).

Some links :

detail of the receiver  (same as on the video !) :

lot of photos of this car :
the same on the photo on the DRM Twitter  page... :

Best regards from Brittany (France) where a new AM radio (Bretagne 5 on 1593 khz, which means Brittany 5) tries to convince the french regulator to authorize them to transmit in DRM mode, and to ad the DRM norm along the DAB+...

Merci Oliver! We greatly appreciate the details.