Wednesday, March 10, 2021

RedwoodComm RWC2010B Digital Radio Tester

I had the pleasant opportunity to spend an hour on Zoom with Kevin Park and Darby Cho, Principal Engineers of RedwoodComm. 

From their website:

"RedwoodComm is a professional developing company for wireless communication test solution. RedwoodComm develops and provides measurement system for R&D, mass-production of broadcast system and wireless communications such as DAB, DRM, RDS, NFC, BT and LoRa. We will keep making every effort to be the best company of test & measurement system based on technical know-how and experience of test & measurement system for wireless communications."

Awhile back, I discovered their RWC2010B Digital Radio Tester online. After making contact, Darby set up a Zoom meeting. The tester unit is a powerful DRM/DRM+, DAB, DAB+, AM/FM, RDS/RDBS receiver testing device. It handles all the DRM settings and functions as well as the ability to test the new xHE-AAC codec.

You can quickly see its features on their YouTube playlist. In the presentation they gave for me, the unit was paired with the Gospell GR-216 receiver. Adjustments to the DRM parameters are easy to perform. I was impressed at how quickly the radio would switch to the  new settings. 

The RWC2010B is a flexible device for receiver testing but also a great way to demonstrate the various settings and configuration options of DRM. I can easily see how hardware or software developers, equipment manufacturers or broadcasters could easily test and demonstrate the highly adaptive DRM platform. In the near future, I hope to be able to post more details and some hands-on reviews. 

If you are interested in more information, you can email them an inquiry or use their information form