Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Republic of Sakha DRM plans

(Machine translation of article in French)

"The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will reopen the legendary Radio Center No. 1 so that people in all corners of the vast Yakutia can benefit from reliable, high-quality radio communications.

This was stated by Viktor Sergeev, Director General of ArcticTelecom, at the end of his meeting with Vladimir Kalchenko, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Director General of FSUE RTRS in the Siberian Federal District on 26 January.

Three years ago, the State Unitary Enterprise "Technical Centre for Television and Radio Broadcasting" of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was transformed into a joint stock company "ArcticTelecom". The new company's mission was to bring the small republic into the digital air. In addition to the development of fibre optics and broadband, the programme also included working on the design and implementation of a high-power digital radio broadcasting network to the DRM standard with 100% coverage of the entire territory of the Sakha Republic.

The issue had been under consideration since 2020, following a report on "the prospects for the development of powerful digital broadcasting in the Arctic area of Yakutia" that was released at the 10th International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future".

The centre had not been dismantled and the general manager said he visited the site with the Deputy Minister of Innovation and presented plans for the restoration of the facility. Since last year, a number of scientific studies have been carried out, including measuring the capabilities of the transmitter's antenna systems. The results obtained are encouraging and that they had the support of RTRS colleagues on technical issues. He did not provide any other technical information.

The former Radio Center No. 1 is located in Syrdakh, near Tulagino and the capital Yakutsk (62°14'20"N 129°48'54"). It was built in 1966.

The center broadcast on the long waves: 171 kHz 150 kW Radio Russia.

There were 5 mediumwave transmitters (549 kHz, 50 kW, Radio Mayak - 621 kHz, 25 kW, Radio 1 - 864 kHz, 25 kW Radio Sakha - 1449 kHz, 5 kW Radio Lena and 1584 kHz, 1 kW Yunost).

There were 6 shortwave transmitters with outputs of 2 x 5 kW, 1 x 100 kW and 2 x 250 kW."

Source: Radio Magazine, Facebook Source: (no mention of DRM)