Saturday, July 14, 2012

DRM activities from the ABU

ABU 2012 will be held in Seoul, South Korea. I see several sessions on digital broadcasting, but nothing specifically mentioning DRM. There have been quite a number of DRM30 tests and initiatives throughout Asia, but few if any are active now.

We recently covered the use of DRM by North Korea via China. Of course, India is on tap for more DRM too. Will this gathering yield any additional broadcasts or tests? Let's hope so. If you are going to attend or are at all involved, please keep us up to date at the DRMNA Yahoo Group.

In addition to the October Seoul meeting, there will be a DRM/ABU webinar on 16 July about Early Warning Systems. It will be held at 5AM Eastern time, so I'm going to rely on you East Coast folks for the play by play!