Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More shortwave casualties in the Pacific (and around the world)

Bad news comes in threes. Radio Australia is about to be impacted by huge reductions which will leave Pacific islands without regional content. Here is an interesting article which lays out the cuts.

A week or so ago, I noted that Radio New Zealand schedule shows that they are reducing their DRM broadcasts that serve as feeders for local FMs on these same islands.

Why is it that none of the "smartest people" in the developed world are able to understand that they remain the privileged around the globe? Just over one-third of the population of our "big blue marble" has Internet connectivity. The US government just made this same mistake with HR 4490 whereby IBB/BBG will be reducing shortwave.

I'm too small and too close to shortwave (a hobbyist) to be of any use to these wonks. Why isn't there outrage from on high? You'd think the old-time hawks in the US government would recognize these cuts for what they are - weakening our ability to spread the "gospel" of democracy and freedom. In addition, the cuts to services by our English speaking friends "down under" weaken their impact to Pacific island neighbors.