Monday, August 4, 2014

Bad news from BBG

It looks like the worst for VOA and affiliated US government shortwave broadcasting. Per their recent report, the listening situation is dire - further causing reductions to most of these services. In addition, the axe falls for BBG using DRM:

"Digital shortwave, or Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), is unlikely to become an established mass media distribution methodology in enough of the BBG’s current or future markets to justify the costs."

I suggest you  save yourself time, by reading this brief synopsis, but if you are into self-harm here is the full report. I'm beginning to think that shortwave in general and DRM in particular need some strong medicine to be successful, and FAST!

As a side note, the report indicates that India is backing away from it "wholesale" conversion to DRM. India has been touted as the one case where DRM could really make a difference. Let's hope that the writers of this report are just plain wrong on that score, but I have no reason to question their understanding of the situation.