Saturday, April 9, 2016

Car Shortwave Radio BST-1 First Impressions

I've received, installed and played with the BST-1 in my car for the last week. Not only do I find this receiver fun listening, but the installation was a snap!

The 2 button remote takes some getting used to, but I have almost mastered and memorized the functions already. Last night I added and deleted some channels. 

Mr. Studenberg at Expert Technology Studios, LLC via was pleased to hear that I was having such success with the pre-programmed channels. The channels that come already installed in the unit are most suited to Midwest and Eastern USA. I added some RNZI outlets too.

So far, I have enjoyed armchair copy on WWCR, WTWW, WEWN, BBC, Radio Australia, Radio New Zealand International, Radio Havana Cuba, CB radio and 80M AMers. This is a kick cruising down the highway.

I don't have the benefit of the RDS/RBDS display on my dash, but I have several portables with that function. I have used them to help me program the unit. When I do, I am consistently seeing S8 signal levels on listenable stations.

Otherwise, I have been relying on my rusty CW to listen to the audible frequency output. This is simple to pick up, even for a tin-ear CW operator like me!

The simple trunk-lip mount antenna is available from and is highly recommended. It is short, attractive and easy to install. Just for fun, I tried several CB and ham whips with a magnetic mount base and they worked ok too.

I have experimented in the past with shortwave reception on the road. This is no easy task. Electrical interference from the car and surrounding buildings and vehicles is a serious problem when using a portable radio. The BST-1 almost completely eliminates those issues. The noise blanker and DSP circuitry work overtime to make listening while mobile a breeze. 

I'll be curious to see if the BST-1 can withstand the rigors of newer electric car interference however. If I can get access to one for a test, I'll let you know.

Although the BST-1 is not a DRM receiver, I am enjoying it day and night. I keep wanting to hop into the car and take a drive just to see what I will find. Mr. Studenberg has a real winner in this novel, simple to use and install, affordable shortwave receiver for the car.

For a better idea about the specs and functionality, take a look at the manual. The BST-1 turns out to be a really fun receiver and perhaps the ultimate mobile shortwave solution! I'll be begging him for a DRM model next.

If there is anything else you'd like to know about using the BST-1, just let me know. Read our interview with Mr. Studenberg to get the background on this exciting mobile receiver.