Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The United States Coast Guard to the (DRM) Rescue!

From the DRM May monthly newsletter comes this bombshell... U.S. Coast Guard has a tender for a DRM solution for Arctic Sea operations!

This is HUGE people! A U.S. Government entity wanting to solve a problem with DRM? I love it! This must follow (to a certain degree) the operation and findings of the German Navy with their DRM broadcasting.

My read is that the Coast Guard has determined that (what my brilliant readers determined 10 years ago) DRM WORKS! DRM to be deployed to ships at sea for weather maps and reports as part of Next Generation Arctic Navigational Safety Information System (ANSIS).

What this tender does not say is that calling for HF DRM capable equipment for North American service, opens the way for other U.S. broadcasters to begin DRM broadcasting. It could mean U.S. produced (or at least designed) receivers and the viability of using DRM as an HF broadcasting solution. The tender even uses words like "Low Cost User Monitor " meaning an affordable receiver. BRILLIANT!
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! This is what we have been saying all along! The Coasties breaking loose DRM for North America could be the dream come true for DRMNA "true believers".