Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HOWDEE! Big fun at NASB 2016 in Nashville

Way back as a kid, I learned from Minnie Pearl on Hee Haw that there is nothing quite like Southern Hospitality. My Nashville experience was wonderful. The NASB folks (with local hosts World Christian Broadcasting and WWCR) really put on a nice conference.

Sessions were interesting and varied. DRM was well represented and the subject of much between-session conversation.

Below is my brief recap of sessions during the 2 day, shortwave industry broadcaster's conference held at the Hampton Inn Vanderbilt Westend in Nashville, Tennessee...

Day 1 - June 2nd, 2016:

Opening remarks from Charles Caudill, NASB president.

Kevin Chambers on Madagascar World Voice.

Panel discussion of HFCC with experiences from Brisbane, Australia.

Tribute to the late Mother Angelica by Glen Tapley of WEWN.

Dr. Dowell Chow on additional languages from AWR.

George Ross from TWR Guam with some exciting DRM updates and info on HFCC DRM tests. It seems the Newstar DR-111 recieved the best test broadcast decodes of the receivers in use (Newstar, Avion, Uniwave).

Yours truly presented a DRM update on India and a demo of the BST-1 car shortwave adapter.

Day 2 - June 3rd, 2016:

Ray Robinson and Rev. John Tayloe on KVOH and the new broadcasts from Lusaka and future work on MW from Israel.

Charles Jacobson gave the history of HCJB and a beautiful tribute to his father, the shortwave legend Herb Jacobson. HCJB is now SonSet Solutions and Reach Beyond Australia.

Ludo Maes of Broadcast Belgium gave us a preview of HFCC Miami this August.

There was an announcement that NASB 2017 will be sponsored by KVOH and held in Simi Valley, California.

As normal, the NASB members made me (and the other enthusiasts) feel welcome and part of the group. The famous DRM aficionado Zyg and I were treated to a private tour of WWCR by Brady Murray. Thanks Brady!

I even won a ticket to the Grand Ole Opry! Martina McBride and others serenaded a packed house.

Thanks to all of the participants and members that made this conference possible.