Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TWR presents the Titus II DRM radio at HFCC!

The PantronX Titus II is actually a full SDR solution in a boombox case. Few details yet, but it is running Android, has a 100 kHz to 2 GHz receiver on-board and decodes AM, FM, SSB and DRM natively.

It uses a Quad-Core ARM A53 @ 1.2 GHz, 1 Gig of RAM and 8 Gig of on-board Flash. 7" TFT display and supports Android 5, 6 or custom remixes. See the promotional PDF here.

It sports some hardware buttons and the back-stand folds under to cover the TFT for safety and storage. This unit also facilitates the Filecasting concept we have reported about before. It can even be used as a WiFi hotspot, to rebroadcast data it has received to other local mobile devices.

This looks like a real winner and I am anxious to see a demo unit! Thanks to George at TWR for the heads-up. More details to follow.