Friday, September 1, 2017


This was posted by a Japanese DRM enthusiast. Anyone know more about it?

NOTE: Same frequency and bitrate as the 2012 broadcasts so this may represent "Chinese assistance". Can anyone confirm DRM equipment in Kujang?

20170902 Update: I have received anonymous details that indicate that at least the content server is of Chinese origin. Still no word on actual transmit location. Several other Japanese (and Terje in Japan) have successfully decoded these transmissions.

20170902 #2: Check out this link to the ECDAV page on DRM. Google Translate says it is this: Digital AM (DRM)

China is a large-scale broadcasting power, radio station, a large number of users, the use of the latest digital technology, according to China's actual situation and the development of 30MHz amplitude modulation band below the digital sound broadcasting technology, China's traditional analog AM broadcast industry will have a huge impact, Promote China's sound broadcasting industry, technological progress, industrialization prospects are very broad, with significant social and economic benefits.

Digital Engineering Center Through several generations of academic leaders and their research team's joint efforts, the research direction in the digital sound broadcasting theory and system has laid a solid academic foundation, the research work in the leading domestic level, especially in the digital AM broadcast (ETSI ES 201 980), between China's Qiqihar and Beijing, Xinjiang Kashi and Europe between the two countries, the research and development of the theory, system and application development research in the international advanced level, developed by the short-wave amplitude modulation digital broadcasting system technical indicators fully in line with DRM standard Conducted a number of system experiments demonstration, testing and pilot are a complete success. Compared with the world's leading Thales system, its main technical indicators are consistent, can replace the EU similar products.

At present, our school is our country in the digital sound broadcasting major scientific and technological projects in the main commitment unit, mainly in the research project has the national 863 project, the State Administration of Radio, a major science and technology special projects and the Ministry of education key projects. Our research work has also been recognized by foreign counterparts, our center was invited to become a member of the DRM organization, and with the German and French well-known research institutions and experts to assume the EU's next generation of digital sound broadcasting research program - DRM PLUS.

Project 863 is further defined:

National 863 Project Subproject

Offshore engineering high-resolution to shallow detection technology - high-resolution signal acquisition and real-time processing system
High - resolution multi - channel shallow stratigraphic detection technology for offshore engineering Digital audio broadcasting application demonstration system.

and here:

...the "863" Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science and Technology Support Program Published a number of ministerial-level key projects of the SARFT. Has made a number of important basic research and applied research results, developed China's first short-wave digital radio transmitter, and solve the analog broadcast transmitter digital transformation of a series of key technical issues, identified to reach the leading domestic level; The first 30MHz following digital audio broadcasting national industry standards; in the country for the first time to build a short-wave video transmission system, applied in various departments of the country, has made important social benefits...

Here, a Japanese enthusiast reports the CUC-ECDAV on 15280-15285 kHz in DRM broadcasting CNR-1 audio earlier this year. I'm going to temporarily rest on the notion that China is broadcasting DRM for DPRK, until we can find out more. This could mean more DRM from China soon, as we have heard from other international broadcasters that are in-the-know!