Wednesday, May 15, 2024

CML Micro & Cambridge Consultants DRM1000 chip

The newest press release here (the older press release is here). This is the chip Gospell is using in its new portable, the GR-221 (available soon). This looks to be a real game-changer due to it being an all-in-one solution,  having low power consumption (30+ hours on 3 AA batteries, including the possibility of a solar powered and cranked models) and its affordable cost (<$20 USD). It should yield a whole new crop of receivers that will be ideal for the burgeoning Asian DRM markets of China, India and Pakistan. Now all we need to do is to convince the North American shortwave broadcasters that the time has come for regular DRM broadcasting. Mouser plans to stock the chip soon. This novel DRM solution debuted at BES in February of this year.